Al the branches of the company UAB “SteelTrade” provides the metal cutting and trimming services:

  • Metal profiles, bars, flats (up to 440 mm. height) cutting;
  • Metal sheets (from 2 mm to 80 mm thick) cutting with gas;
  • Sheet metal cutting with guillotine;
  • Wire ironing;
  • Reinforcement comparison.

According the clients requirements UAB “SteelTrade” offers full services starting the orders accepting and ending the products’ delivery to the needed place.

The company UAB „SteelTrade“ provides the high quality services of the metal sheets’ cutting with CNC plasma and oxy machines. According the drawings company offers the cutting services of metal details.

The company UAB „SteelTrade“ provides the high quality production of reinforcement products: reinforcement meshes, frameworks and other products of reinforcement.